Be a "Becomer"

learn to thrive

A "Becomer" is . . .

A woman who has experienced betrayal trauma and/or chronic health issues, but has CHOSEN to become free from the shackles of unhealthiness. She is not chained to other peoples toxic choices or her own. She FERVENTLY pursues growth, implements continually healthier choices, is true to her values, and lives vibrantly every day. 

She lives in TRUTH, awareness, and ownership over her wellbeing. She will not stay stuck. She will not complain, blame, or remain bound by other’s chains. She will not be submissive to abuse. Instead she serves God in FREEDOM and with a light and joyful heart. She is CHOSEN by Christ & STRENGTHENED to do “all things” through Him! She is His workmanship, complete & perfect in Him. She is a princess, the child of the highest king, and through His strength, she is FREE & confident to bear fruit according to His will. She RE-CLAIMS her VIBRANT LIFE!

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